A global jugalbandi

Deep created the Kundalika ensemble to develop what he calls "global jugalbandi."  He brings together musicians from many traditions to have a dialogue with Indian ragas in the traditional jugalbandi format.  Deep's compositions pass through a range of energies, starting slowly and meditatively, then building to an energetic and cathartic conclusion.  The pieces have heavy space for improvisation.  Each show is unique, reflecting the energy and engagement in the room.   Listen to an example track.  

Kundalika recruits musicians who are deeply versed in their own traditions.  Kundalika is structured to allow the best of those traditions to come through from a place of knowledge and respect.  The ensemble has had the great privilege and pleasure of discovering that though raga music is certainly unique, there are enough commonalities with other traditions to have some really fulfilling collaborations.  It is not easy to talk across cultures, but when done right, it produces a music that is satisfying and different. 

      Kundalika's global jugalbandi includes instruments from many traditions