Echoes of Anahata


"Echoes of Anahata" is largely improvised music, within traditions and across the Hindustani, bluegrass, and blues traditions. Deep plays mohan veena, banjabab, lap steel guitar, tabla, pakhawaj, dumbek and ghatam. Graham Smith-White, Alex Martin, and Allison Lince Bentley join Deep on various tracks. See track notes for details. (c) Deepak Shenoy 2020.

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Prayers to Lord Malkauns


"Prayers to Lord Malkauns" is electronic, cross-tradition devotional music inspired by traditional Hindustani scales. It is an appeal to lord Shiva (aka Malkauns) to help the world with the pandemic. Deep wrote and performed/sequenced this album in the spring and summer of 2020. (c) Deepak Shenoy.

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Pain Signals

Deep playing tabla on a track on Maya Roger's album The Gathering.  (c) Maya Rogers.


Circle in the Round

This is an album of world music featuring instruments from Japan, India, Africa, and Australia.  Clarence Ledbetter on shakuhachi; Janet Ledbetter on koto; Sudha Iyer on sitar; Ed Butler on djembe and shekere; Deep on tabla.  (c) Clarence and Janet Ledbetter.